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Dog Run Fencing in Sumter, SC


Sumter Fence Company is your recommended service provider for any dog fence, pet fence, or farm fence needs. We can custom build dog run fences to fit any need with any material you prefer, including post and rail fencing for your larger animals.


Benefits of Dog Run Fences

Quick Installation

Installing a Dog Run Fence is easy and takes a short time if you hire a professional fencing service to construct it for you instead of taking on a DIY project. Let our team of experts use their state-of-the-art equipment and vast experience to quickly install your dog run fencing as well as your farm fencing if you need one.

Separating Dogs

Dog run fences are good for kennels or breeders as they help to separate sick dogs from other dogs. Also, even dogs that have puppies require a separate space to care for them, and pet fencing is a perfect way to address that need.

Safety and Security of Dogs and Other Animals

Dog run fencing keeps your dog safe and secure while also allowing it to run around freely and burn their energy. We install pet fencing for every type of need, including cows, chickens, goats, horses, etc. In addition, dog run fencing is ideal for keeping those dogs that like to run and roam safe and secure.


Care and Maintenance of Dog Run Fencing


Clean Regularly

Though dog run fences are typically made of sturdy materials, you still have to care for them properly to ensure their durability. Whether your pet fencing is made of chain link, wood, metal or iron, cleaning it regularly using a water hose will keep it in good condition.

Inspect the Fence

Check the fencing for broken gate latches, hinges, cracks, and rust or rotting, splitting, and wear-and-tear. Also, make sure to re-stain it when a new coat is necessary.

Repair or Replace Broken Sections and Parts

If for some reason, your dog fencing has any repair or maintenance issues, Sumter Fence Company is readily available to provide you professional fence repairs and replacement services. Fixing structural issues with your dog run fence is the only way to keep your dog from breaking out.


Dog Run Fencing Styles and Sizes


We can customize your dog and animal fencing to any size needed. In fact, most of our dog runs and animal fencing is custom installed. Pet fencing comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes and can be customized based on your dog size or the number of dogs. If you own a dog that’s an escape artist, we can help you choose the right style and size of fencing.

We construct pre-made, portable, and permanent dog run fencing, farm fencing and other pet fencing options that will fit your dog and pet needs. We can customize the length, width, and height of any style you need. If you’re not sure, we can help you choose the right material and style.

Here are some of the dog run fencing options we offer:

  • Chain Link Dog Run Fencing: Also known as cyclone fencing, it comes in multiple designs and is a solid, see-through and low-maintenance fence.
  • Wooden Dog Run Fence: It’s a classic choice if your dog is fond of barking or growling at passerby’s or neighbors. We install solid and tall wood fences that block your dog’s sight of the street and neighbors, limiting the barking and/or growling noise.
  • Vinyl Pet Fencing: This ultra-strong and durable fence can’t split, twist, rust, warp, or rot like wood.
  • Metal and Wood Fencing: A combination of metal and wood is a unique dog run fence idea and can include cedar, teak, cypress, or pine to create an beautiful look.
  • PVC Coated Welded Mesh Dog Run Fence: This option comes in wide-ranging designs and is easy to disassemble, store and re-use.

At Sumter Fence Company, we create premium-quality dog run fence styles and pet fence styles to fit every need you have.

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