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We offer fence repair services in Sumter, SC and surrounding areas.

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Fencing Repair in Sumter, SC

Sumter Fence Company provides all your fence repair needs. Do you need to replace a wood fence? Are you in need of repairing boards or vinyl fencing? Wanting to build a privacy fence? We can build or repair any type fencing you need.


Benefits of Fence Repair

Great Way to Save Money

Repairing your fence immediately when you notice any wear-and-tear or damage is always much easier and less expensive than when the problem worsens. It’s more affordable and cost-saving to address fence repairs as soon as you notice them. You don’t need to buy or rent expensive fence repair tools. Hire our highly specialized fencing company to repair your fence or provide fence replacement at an affordable price.

Minimize Problems

Timely fence repair alongside helpful recommendations from your fencing contractor about the placement is fundamental to minimizing your fencing problems. Professional fence replacement and repair is the best way to reduce fencing issues.

Quality and Guarantee

To achieve long-lasting results, it’s best to choose a fencing company to install quality fences with guarantees, which include free repair. This provides you with expert fence repair and replacement solutions since the company has to protect its reputation by providing quality services. At Sumter Fence Company, you will always know you are getting guaranteed work done right the first time.

Increased Resale Value

When your fence gets prompt and expert repair services from Sumter Fence Company, it boosts the value of your property, making your resale decision a beneficial one. Quality fence maintenance means buyers won’t be changing the fence soon.


Maintenance and Upkeep of Fences

Fences and gates come in a wide range of types and styles, requiring different methods of fence maintenance and upkeep. From wood, wrought iron, PVC, chain link, aluminum, vinyl, electric, farm, dog, and barbed wire, our professional fence installers at Sumter Fence Company are there to install and give you professional maintenance solutions.

Make Regular Check-Ups

Walk around your property border fence once or twice yearly in early spring and late fall. Check the stability of the posts by shaking them. Check for termite damage, cracks, loose screws, and signs of weaknesses. For immediate fence maintenance, give us a call and we will likely be able to respond the same day.

Do Immediate Damage Repair or Replacement

Our experts handle all types of fence repair and are always readily available to help you provide professional solutions to all fencing problems immediately. The earlier the damage is repaired, or fence replacement is done, the better for the quality and longevity of your fence

Remove Heavy Objects and Overhanging Branches

Regardless of the fence type, keep heavy objects and tree branches from hanging over your fence. Heavy objects weigh on your fence and can weaken, break, crack or damage the fence. Tree branches block vision, make it dirty and can damage your fence during a storm or attract mildew. We advise you to remove every unwanted object from your fence before it ruins it and forces you to spend more money in repair or replacing all together. Fence maintenance is key to a long-lasting fence.


Fence Styles and Sizes

At Sumter Fence Company, our expert fence installers offer a terrific gallery of complex, simple and popular fence designs, ideas and styles in all sizes, patterns, colors, and tops for your backyard and front yard. Our many styles are weather resistant, sturdy, elegant, classic, affordable and aesthetically exceptional for Vinyl, Wood & Split Rail, Aluminum/Iron, Wrought Iron Gates, White Picket, and Chain Link fences etc.

Here are a few of the popular options of fence styles we provide:

  1. Dog Ear
  2. Flat Top
  3. Gothic
  4. Scallop
  5. Lattice Top
  6. Shadow Box
  7. Rail
  8. Picket
  9. Privacy Fencing
  10. Spaced Picket

If you are interested in any specific custom fence, tell us and our experienced fence installers will install it for you in no time.


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We Serve the Entire Sumter Area

We are proud to serve the entire Sumter County area including Dalzell, Mayesville, Pinewood, Rembert, Stateburg, Cane Savannah, Cherryvale, Lakewood, Oswego, Mulberry, South Sumter, Oakland, East Sumter, Privateer, Millwood, Wedgewood, and Shiloh. We also service adjacent counties, Clarendon County, Lee County, Calhoun County, Kershaw County, and Richland County.

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You never have to worry when you call us. We know you will be satisfied with our work and we guarantee it on every type of fencing, including wood fencing, chain link fencing, wrought iron fencing, vinyl fencing, dog fun fencing, commercial fencing, residential fencing, fence repair, and fence stain and seal.

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